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LoneRider Luggage & Weight Distributing

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Hey all,

Was wondering if anyone here has used LoneRider luggage? I found their stuff through Bret Tkecs on youtube, who did a video on their hybrid soft-hard luggage and quick release system.

Right now I use 25L Mosko Scout panniers which are pretty nice. Very quality. But I've found a couple annoyances like trying to fit them back into the straps can be a bit cumbersome. And found packing them is actually kind of annoying. So I'm looking at upgrading.

LoneRider has a really good Quick Release system, but they work with racks that are 18mm. I was looking at the Hepco and Becker Lock-It racks. They fit what I'd expect to work with the Quick Release system. However they're 'Lock-it' racks. I have no problem keeping the racks on my bike so the added ability to readily remove them feels like a waste of money for my purposes. Can anyone suggest any other racks that are very basic like the Hepco and Becker, and Dirtrack racks?

Dirtrack (currently use these, but they're 19mm)

Here's a fitmet list that could help narrow it down.

Motobags Rack Fitment

Also - How do you guys handle the weight difference for luggage vs the side muffler? Do you make the right side lighter, or do you feel generally comfortable with keeping both sides fairly even in weight?
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I ran the Shad 52 soft saddlebags on a '14 DL1000 for about 10K mi and never thought twice about load distribution. Maybe I should have
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I pretty regularly toss a couple 12 packs of beer in one side case and leave the other empty. Can't say I have ever noticed the weight distribution of that weight vs my 190lbs mattering.
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