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Hi, I'm TreeMuncher and I am a vegetation terrorist. (I am guessing that the stromtroopers is a little like AA because the little Wee is so addictive? Might as well make the intro.)

I found a nice little blue mule in St Louis just over a week ago and purchased it as a test ride. The plan was to sell to a friend of mine who plans to get her license next Spring, provided I don't fall in love with it and keep it. It seems that the bug for a bike bit her after about a 3,800 mile trip in 8 days with me out west during the summer. She is quite the trooper - she never rode more than 100 miles or so in a day until she hopped on the back of the ST1300. Now she's bit and she can't wait to get a bike of her own.

One of my fellow ST'ers rode his WeeBee to an event and he was nice enough to let me test ride it for a few minutes. Well, maybe not nice as that ride cost me a fair price a couple weeks later but that test ride convinced me, this would be the perfect starter bike for my friend. Calm and well mannered at low rpms, capable of quick passes at higher rpms, corners great, good wind protection, enough luggage space for most anyone, rides well standing or sitting, goes about anywhere and is economical to ride. So what if it does not have a fancy guage set? It is a blast to ride.

Anyway, I purchased this nice little blue mule (2007) with gobs of storage space and only 12k miles for less than $5k. After putting over 300 miles on this little blue devil over the weekend, I am convinced this is the most fun that I've had on a bike that I can remember. It runs the gravel roads almost as well as my XR650R but I think it might be a bit easier on the tire wear rates. (and this is with a PR1 rear and a stock front tire) I miss the constant wheelie potential of the XR but I can pack miles a day in comfort. It will likely out corner my ST1300 as it feels faster and more nimble through the turns for the price of a little less wind protection and a non-electric windshield. In other words, half the displacement but twice the fun. Wind up the Wee and it will absolutely fly!

As a quote from one of the other ADV riders during yesterday put it:
Originally Posted by treemuncher
"Great ride today, guys. Sorry if my little blue mule was on the pokey slow side ........"


As a V-Strom rider, I was shocked at how fast a big bike could travel on those roads. It HAS to be the rider! Thanks for the great route, TM.

We had a great day, hoping we can run it again.

Yeah, I felt faster on that little mule than anything I've ever had except for my RD400 years ago. It loves the corners and it has no fear of gravel. I am really impressed with the DL650. It may not do everything perfectly but it does so much so well that it would be my only bike if I ever have to downsize to a single choice.

Next ADV ride, I will have my Shinko 705's on and I will see what the little packer can do with a little grip to the horse shoes.

I'm glad I found the StromTroopers forum. Looks like a great place to hang out and meet other riders. Keep an eye out for FerrySTOC in the spring. I will be posting an invitation to any Strom riders who want to attend this annual event that I host here in West TN. I will have some good adventure touring routes planned for those who don't want to get bored on the paved trails.


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