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Currently own a 2000 KLR 650 C model which I have been doing my own servicing on and will be picking up a white 2012 VStrom 650 in a few weeks. Bike is stock except for the under cowl and handguards, I ordered the SV front and rear sliders for it, and I may or may not put a center stand on it at some point.

With my KLR, in order to work on it I lift it by the handlebars using a rope hoist attached to a eye bolt (attached to a 2X6 screwed into 3 roof joists) and then put a home made stand underneath it and lower it on to it. Can I do similar with the VStrom without hurting anything?

I have an automotive jack and jack stands, but not a motorcycle-specific lift and I would prefer not to buy anything else. I plan to do all my own service on the bike and the OEM service manual will be bought from the dealer with the bike. Thanks for any thoughts...

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