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Just doing a quick travel report;
6 weeks(part 2), 11 680km

Longest fuel stop: Labrador 410km, used one 3L Jerry to make, as I ran out of fuel.

Fuel grade: From mid Quebec to Labrador to NFLD, which was roughly 3 weeks, getting 91 grade fuel was... exceptionally lucky. Most stations had just basic 87. Surprisingly, hard to find, even in St John's capital, depending on station. Once in Nova Scotia heading south, grade, no longer issue.

Animals killed: one bird in Quebec, Evel Knieveled through front tire spokes. Sadly, did not make it.

Mechanical; chain was dying around 27 000km. Due to Covid, replaced with lighter grade chain, 900cc Ver(first time) at 28700km. Suggestion, auto oiler, with super lite oil that will clean chain as you drive, seems like its worth it (apparently, you should not wash all the crusty offroad grit, with pressure washer).

Head bearing; Same as my 04 wee, if you roll heavy(near limit and/or heavy off-roading). Make sure you have tools to adjust(tighten head bearing), this is, I believe, a normal wear and tear item, due to manufacturer not using tapered bearing(I'll make a separate post on symptoms, tools needed and how to, fast, later).

2 oil changes, asking a shop for catch can is A-ok. Brought oil, no filter needed.

Random drops from cruise; all occurred with no touching of clutch, brake, hand completely off throttle: (better than Yukon, was addressed but not completely corrected)5, anytime Suzuki Canada wants to implement the software patch from Europe to Canada, I'm game.👍

Dropped bike; with all the off-road I did, amazed I did this at hotel, not enough property to hit curb at 45°, more like 10°(park on sidewalk over night), couldn't get foot on pave, bike too far over to save. Stock suz engine guard took hit. No damage otherwise.

Off-road; 04 wee, still way better than 20 1050. Pretty sure I did some major damage on clutch getting up a long steep mini boulder hill. Wee could have walked it with lower operating speed and higher torque. Due to the high speed the 1050 needs, technical, steep up hill and water crossings with big rocks are an issue.

Reflection; Bike did way better than last years Yukon trip. New fuel pump, clearly had an affect on mileage. Bike, still isn't better, mileage wise, loaded, than wee, and fjr. But, good enough.

Best changes to bike; 8l sw-motech on each side of heed upper crash bars. Brilliant. Lowers cog, holds all tools and pump on one side, super easy access. Oils and bear spray on other side. No damage on upper when dumped on side.

Aux light: Pretty much need this, the stock headlight, lights up road only, negates lighting the sides of road for critters, which is weird.

Lastly; It would be crazy nice to get the 33% of power I'm digitally missing in 1st and second. With the gear on or off. Can't be more snappy than a busa(not that snappy). Why the mommy mode, Mr Suzuki?


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