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LED lights on my Vee

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Here is my 06 Vee with LED lights...

Rigid Industries LED Driving Lights:
- 20 Watt Dually – Spot lights These lights are one of the best LED lights I have found!! They light up out to about 1000 feet and for 40 watts combined they are a very effective way to add light to your bike) I did get these from Adventure MotoStuff.
Adventure MotoStuff V-Strom Aux Light Bracket -- Mounting bar for the Driving lights

Day time Running Lights:
- 2 pcs Set Waterproof Aluminum High Power 6W 6000K Xenon White Slim COB LED DRL Daylight Driving Daytime Running Light Lamp for Car SUV Sedan Coupe Vehicle. From Amazon
I mounted these on aluminum L-bracket from Home Depot. I drilled a hole big enough for shoulder of the bolt (side of the front fender) to fit through. The head of the bolt makes solid contact on the metal L-bracket. I did drill a small at the top to capture the wire for the light. Wire for these lights is very small and where the wire attaches to the light is... suspect... Ya that's a good word. I did put some silicone where the wires enter the light to strengthen protect the connections. These lights have been on my bike for 9 months - 10,000 miles with no problems. This setup works really well. In the close up picture I had a bird strike @ 65 mph on the way into work one morning. The light made first contact and did not move or bend. It was a small bird.

- Amber running lights. Great little light that has 3 LED’s in a small package. These lights I put on the bike for when I approach the gate and I turn off my headlights but wanted some lights that help me be seen by the sleepy cage driver with their bagels and coffee and not blind the gate guard. There is a small about of light the come out the back which I like as it helps with cars on the side see me. I mounted these with wire a loop that was a perfect 3/4 inch hole and I attached them to the crash bar with a hose clamp.... sounds a little hokey but I wanted the light to survive if I dropped the bike. (Ops ck good -- Gravity is still here & light survived) These have been on my bike for a year -14,000 mile and no problems.
From Amazon…

Eastern Beaver wiring: VStrom
- H4 Dual Relay Kit with LO beam ON/OFF switching (on Suzuki’s all the current goes through the switch. This kit changes that and puts a relay in place like a car would. This kit also lets me shut off the Lo beams… Handy for approaching the gate on base or riding in really cold weather. More energy for the heated clothing (I run with my 40 watt driving lights on with the amber light covers to keep the binding factor down)
- Handlebar Switch
- 30A AP-1/Blue Sea Fuse Pnl Relay Kit

Blue Sea ST Blade fuse box:
- 6 Circuit with Negative Bus (If I did this again I would go with a Mini Blade fuse block… my bike uses the Mini and my fuse block the big ones)

Kisan Charge Guard:
- Digital Multi-meter ( Volts, Amps, Temp, Ice Alert)

The pictures I had of the back lights sucked I will try and add some in the next couple of days..

LED Brake light bulbs:
- DM Astar 800 Lumens Super Bright AX-2835 Chipsets Bulbs For Brake Lights Tail lights Turn Signal, Brilliant Red ( these are every bit as bright as stock! LEDs come on faster… how far do you travel before the incandescent light come on full bright?) From Amazon…

Third Brake Light:
- 2 pcs Set Waterproof Aluminum High Power 6W Red Slim COB LED DRL Daylight Driving Running Light Lamp For Car SUV Sedan Coupe Vehicle…. I attched this on the on the Givi Mount plate for my Top Case. Case can be removed and the light is still on the bike. (This is a 2 light set and I only used one on the bike.... The other I used to replace my 3rd brake light in cap on my Tacoma pickup.) From Amazon…

- I plan on adding a flashing 3rd brake light module like this one… Universal Brake Light Flasher/Strober - 36 modes [unvbrkflsh36] - $19.95 : 3rd Brake Flasher Web Site

All lights have been changed to LED except for the headlights and I am looking at the LED headlights to see what is working and lasting with other VStrom owners.