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LED Aux Lights - one is dim all of a sudden

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Issue: Driving home on Monday night I noticed one of my LED aux lights was off. Turns out it has power but is very dim.
Checked wiring and all looks good. Installed as a new set with relay kit in March of 2022.

Pic of LED below. All four bulbs are dim.

Anything I should look for? Possible it just went bad? Appreciate the input.

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2011 650 V-Strom with ABS
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Around the house, we've had great luck with LEDs as replacements as the compact fluorescents wore out, which were better than incandescents. Except the Feit brand LEDs, those were duds. Incandescent bulbs are 2-4.x% efficient. I use them in my food dehydrator because they are such efficient heaters.

I write the date on the base when I replace a bulb. I'm also the guy who keeps the lights on at our church. Every time a T-8 fluorescent fixture fails, I remove the ballast and install the LED kit. I've never had to service one of the LEDs.

On various vehicles, I have had several fail.
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