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Finally done with the latest mods and improvements. Went for a ride and checked out the potholes on #99 South of Squamish.
#1 mod, Stebel horn. Results are loud and inspiring.
#2 mod, Back Off Brake Light modulator. Works as advertised and a snap to install. In addition to the original brake light I have a 3 to 3.5 inch round LED brake light mounted above the license(installed last year)that adds to the safety factor.
#3 mod, Suzuki handguards. Santa paid a lot for them in the GWN but they are worth it. Keeps the chill factor down on older sensitive knuckles. Easy install once you figure out the instructions(maybe it's just me but they could do a far better job in their write-up and pics). Nice appearance and finish.
#4 Mod, Symtec Grip Heaters. Wonderful addition for older sensitive hands in the cooler temps. In combination with the handguards and a couple different pairs of gloves I doubt my hands will ever be cold again. The installation should be quite straight forward for almost anyone. I had problems but they are probably just the fact I have the Bat Cave to work in with a flashlight for lighting. The grips heat differently, the throttle side is warmer and heats faster. I can live with that.
#5 Mod, Grip Puppies. Not sure about these yet, need more time with them. Started out wearing insulated gauntlets which made the grips even larger and my hands got tired trying to hang on. More time needed to adjust I suppose. Did try my armoured uninsulated glove and no problems, quite comfy and better protection. Might add that a Throttle rocker with the Velcro strap fits the grip puppy very well and doesn't seem to want to slip a little like it used to with the OEM grips.
#6 Mod. Koubalink Mirror extensions. Like em, like em a lot. Two inch extension raises the mirrors quite nicely and gives me a better view of the road and less of me. A well made product with a good finish too. Had no concerns with vibration either. Also have their lowering links(last years mod) and would recommend these folks for producing quality products that work. These are concerned business people who actually took the time to phone me when I screwed up on my online order for the links last year.
#7 Mod. Highway pegs on Givibars. The jury is still out on this mod. Not enough time for a real test. I will say though, my feet get a real buzz at 5000 RPM. Different gear or change speed, no problem. Due to the shape of the Givi's the pegs are not the best for position but they will at least offer a temporary change in position. Time will tell.
#8 Mod or should I say cosmetic repair. Left side crash bar was badly scuffed and bare metal from a "0" speed drop. What the hell, I couldn't make it worse. Grabbed some sand paper and gave the damage a 1 minute rub and painted it. Used a cheaper version of Tremclad that does not have too much shine to it. Looks much better and I already had the paint so it really didn't cost anything.

That about does it for a while I hope. It is ride time, not farkle time. Still have an idea for the front signals but will wait till I drop it again. One day I will wash the critter and find my camera. Lynda can show me how to post pics and everyone can see what has been done and what should not have been done in some cases. Until then I will just ride.
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