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Latest farkles on the Dark Shadow and finally got to mid band RPM.

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Got the skid plate in and mounted. Man, breaking those two bolts that hold on the sidestand were a pain in the :)furious:) But finally got them off and skid plate mounted. Looks good and should keep rocks from destroying the engine.

Mounted the highway bar/pegs to the front of it. Will serve the purpose of giving a different riding position on long rides. These are not what you expect on highway pegs if you are coming from a cruiser world. They keep your legs tight into the engine guard (Givi) and keep your feet in tight to the bike. I like them. I guess my only concern was them digging in during a really tight twisty since they are almost even with the stock driver pegs (the bar not the peg, since I always raise my pegs when I get into tight twisties to keep them from digging in and highsiding), so I put them on the upper most row of holes in the front of the engine guard. Riding out through the ditch, my front fender came down on top of the bar, so do not mount them there. Mount them as in the HT picture (second row of holes in the guard) and I have not had the fender hit the bar. Like I said, it will give a different riding position for long rides.

Also got in the Alaskan Leathers sheepskin pad for the seat (medium) and MAN, what a difference that sucker makes!!!! :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

A definite plus and well worth the 5o bucks (or whatever).

Shoot, ready to RIDE now!

Planning a couple of K trip up through some twisties up in Tennessee and North Carolina when I get back from Africa....Weeeeeeeee-Heeeeeee!

PS - I sure am loving this little bike!!!! Oh yeah, got past the 500 mile break in so I was able to take her out and get her in the middle of the power band. What a difference!!!! She loves the higher RPM - so do I !!!

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Nope - super easy. 30 min install. They mounted on the engine hanger, so just do one side at a time. Had to loosen the big nut/bolt at the bottom of then engine hanger V to get the holes to realign on one side, but a super easy install. 4 bolts per side. Just be sure to put the connection tube in the middle before putting the second side on.
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