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Join the Yankee Beemers for the Wackey Hat Campout Sept 23rd -25th in Eastford CT
The Whackey Hat Campout

The Whackey Hat (formerly the Wacky Hat) is the last campout of the season. It used to be held in Vermont and it used to rain every weekend. In a fit of PMS (parked motorcycle syndrome) the attendees started "crafting" hats out of whatever they could find. Soon judges were recruited to decide the "best" hat.

This year the Whackeyness shifts a bit with a new location at the Charlie Brown Campground located in the peaceful, prerevolutionary, “quiet corner” town of Eastford, Connecticut. The campground is nestled among rolling hills, sleepy rivers and 12,000 plus acres of state park and forests. $30 at the door. Contact Co-Chairs Bill Cusack and Brian Anderson if you have any questions.

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Beautiful flat grassy sites with a pavilion
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