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There are a few of us Southern California StromTroopers going on a ride this Saturday 12/6 around Lake Silverwood near Hesperia, CA.

In a Nut Shell:

Who: Anyone with an Adventure bike
What: A relaxed paved/dirt fire-road ride
When: Saturday 12/6/2008 9:00 a.m.
Where: Meet in front of Chaparral Motorsports
555 South "H" Street
San Bernardino, CA 92410
Leave by 9:15 to ride around Lake Silverwood

•I-15 North
•Exit Hwy 138, go East/Right
•North/Left on Dart Canyon Rd/Miller Rd (Dart Canyon Rd according to Mapquest, Miller Rd according to Google Maps)
•East/Right on Dart Canyon Rd North/Miller Rd (See above about names)
•North/Left on Pilot Rock Ridge Rd
•West/Left on Pilot Rock Truck Trail
•Pilot Rock Truck Trail will take you around the east side of Lake Silverwood
•West/Left on Hwy 173
•North West/Right on Hwy 138
•South/Left on I-15 South

Somewhere around 30 miles +/- from Chaparral over to the beginning of the trail. The dirt portion of the ride would be about 10 miles. From there it would be another 30 miles +/- of pavement for the return trip. After that we can grab a bite to eat if any one is interested.

Highway 138 back to Lake Silverwood is a fun twisty paved road. The trail, which I haven’t experienced first hand, would be about 10 miles. We’ll hit the dirt at about 3,200 feet, climb up to about 4,700’ and back down to about 3,200’.

Should be a fun morning "adventure" ride. Most of the people who are committed to going either have dirt riding experience, but not on their V-Strom (such as myself.) Or have a little experience with their V-Strom offroad. So it's going to be a relaxed pace.

If you're interested send me a PM so that we'll know to expect you.

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I know this thread is kind of dated, but I was curious how this ride went. I know you mentioned there was about 10 miles of dirt road that you had not done first hand before and that you had minimal offroad experience on the strom.

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