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I have never been on these roads near Kingston and want to check them out. I'm riding out of Mississauga, so this will be a full day for me - maybe 12 hours and 1000km, unless I pitch a tent in the area the night before. If you have ridden with me before - you know what to expect.

Date: Most likely Saturday, September 3rd.

Meeting Spot: 8am - probably in Kaladar at the Shell station. Unless I camp near Kaladar the night before (and pass by Calabogie on the way), I can meet up earlier with anyone along my route to the area and would leave Mississauga around 6am - or maybe a bit earlier to hit up a nice road or two on the way to Kaladar.

Pace: Fun in corners and responsible/respectful everywhere else.

Lunch: Pack a lunch/snacks and we'll find nice spots to eat by lakes or rivers. No plans to stop at a sit down restaurant.

Route: Since I have never been on these roads, I can not vouch for the road quality of any of them. I'm on street tires, so no intentional gravel here. Google Maps only allows a certain number of points, so the route is in 2 parts - totaling about 7.5 hours, plus time getting to and from the area. I'm hoping to have gas every 200km or so, but I don't know the area... If you want the GPX file of the route, send me your email address.
Part 1: - about 3hrs - starting in Kaladar
Part 2: - about 4.5hrs - finishing in Kaladar

If you are interested or have suggestions, PM or post up.
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