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Hey All Flying into LA from Asutralia on 5th Nov and picking up the Strom I have stored there. Going to spend a week exploring around before my Wife gets in the following week.

We will then head down to Baja for the Big Race. ( Booked into Coyote Cals. )

Anyone else heading down?

Any recommendations on things to see places to go In the week Before we head down? ( will it be too lkate to head up to Yosemite or teh Sierras?)

Any recommendations on what tyres to use? Am thinking of fitting TKC 80's but am wondering if I should really bother and just stick with the Trail attacks as currently fitted.

Am a reasonably competent rider and like doing a bit of exploring off the main highways, but wont be going off road as a rule. More perhaps poking down side tracks to look for camping/ scenic spots etc. (Planning on buying some cheap camping gear when I get there, but not sure if we will really use it)

Any recommendations on places to get tyres fitted in LA. (preferably around Tustin Anaheim area but doesnt really matter happy to travel a round)

If anyone wants to meet up for a beer a ride or anything that would be cool too.

Any and all info much appreciated.
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