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Kroombit Tops and 1st Face Plant

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It started off as a beautiful day in Central Queensland, not to hot and not to cold. So after doing the obligatory kids to school run and home duties that are expected on a day off I decided to go for a quick jaunt up to beautiful Bettsy, a crashed Lancaster Bomber at Kroombit Tops.:hurray:
Now I have driven this route a few times,but not for a few years so the excitement levels were high. :thumbup: I packed the top box with choccies and few essentials should I get stuck, filled the camel back and off I went.
The road up to Kroombit was fantastic for a little used gravel road.

I arrived at the rangers station and checked the road report signs which all indicated the road was passable by 4 wheel drives only. Cool, the weestrom will do anything a four wheel drive can.:green_lol:

The road remained well maintained for most of the ride to Bettsy, but a few surprises popped up. I was travelling at 60klm and navigated around a sweeping corner to be confronted by a large wash out. I had nowhere to go due to my line around the corner but into one of the deepest wheel ruts on the road. As a result my pegs dug into the mud on either side, both front and rear wheels lost all traction. Both me and the bike went to ground rather spectacularly. I went side ways into the mud puddle, the bike went the other way.:jawdrop:

In a surreal moment I found myself wollowing in the mud and pissing myself laughing at the predicament I was in. It took me a good 15 minutes to right the bike. The suction of the mud was stronge, and after I finished laughing at myself I realsied that I was in the middle on nowhere, and I doubted any traffic would be travelling that road until at least the weekend.

I toyed with idea of just turning around, but thought that would be a waste of the day so I went ahead. The bike was okay except for a mirror falling off due to the corrugations and rocks. On that all I can say is thank god for the bash plate, a few times I skidded across the tops of some rocky inclines and descents. Thank god I installed an ABS cut off switch, it was gold, and I doubt my abilities to traverse some of the descents with ABS on.:confused:

The trip took me about 4 1/2 hours to complete a 200klm circuit, and was worth every minute.

So if you are looking for somewhere around Gladstone to ride, this is one that can't be missed.

After a few beers the bike was washed and all loose and wobbly bits tightened, the sore shoulders and back kicked in. Cez la Ve.:mod2_wheelchair:

If you do go keep an eye out for my fender extender and helmet lock.:biggrinjester:
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Great report Reyno, good you could have a laugh at yourself AND continue the ride:thumbup:

Thanks for posting.:yesnod:

Cheers, Wanderlost.
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