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I know threads about tires have been beaten to death like oil threads :beatdeadhorse5: so forgive me but.....

I tried the search thread and did not find what I was looking for....

Does anybody run a knobby front and more of a street thread rear:confused:
any advantage in doing so? disadvantage?

I ride pavement to work daily but and quite a bit off pavement.... well I will be after my KLR sells anyway.

My thoughts are knobby up front (my front is gone) and the OEM tire on rear (mine is new) so when I know I am going on a weekend ride I only have to change and buy one spare tire (the rear). I have heard of people making Alaska and similar rides doing the same so they only had to strap one tire to their bike.:fineprint: This way if I am traveling and see a good gravel road to go down maybe the front tire will not be as bad about washing out:confused: Reading the tire threads the front knobby life seems to be about the same as a rear street tire so tire changes would be at same intervals.

Oh, and my bike is the DL1000:thumbup:

So what are yalls thoughts?
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