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Knobby Tire Question

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I bought a set of Continental THC 80's for my 2022 650XT. I didn't need the knobbies because I ride in the mud or deep sand. I bought them to kick up some dirt-(rooster tail), and take a trip down memory lane back to the early 1970's when I had motocross bikes. I really don't need a knobby tire on the front, just on the back. Have any of you put a knobby tire on the rear and kept the front tire OEM? If so, any problems? A knobby tire up front would kick up alot more stones towards the engine. I have already put a fender extender on and have bought a front fender riser. But I don't really need a knobby up front. Do mixed tires cause handling issues? The only issue I see is that a may look a little weird.
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A front knobbly may not necessarily kick up more stones as it is not a driven wheel.
Many here have mixed and matched tires, however, if you are intending to ride dirt and gravel roads to wheelspin a little, the use of the front THC 80 will be better there - and still adequate on sealed roads.
Yup, I'd just leave it on and use it up - it won't last long, LOL!
IMO, based on thousands of miles of experience, the tkc80's are as good or better up front than any adv tire I've run.
Wish I could find one - last I looked, they're unavailable for my 21" Dakar.
I'm interested in these tires as well but was wondering - with the type of tread pattern they have, is there a lot more vibration and/or road noise on the street?
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