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I have a 2006 dl-650,
my dashboard stopped functioning while driving, the backlight, headlights, i will be more specific:
(emergency ignition switch (red) on, bikestand + neutral)

key in OFF position: dashboard speedo + rev counter rev up and down, but no backlight

key in ON position: dashboard speedo + rev counter stop functioning, still no backlight, neutral light comes on, fuel pump starts, headlights are off but all four indicators glow

key in ON position + starter with released clutch - all seems OK (dashboard lits up, speedo and rev counter rev up and down, headlights on, indicators stop glowing and function normally)
I have a video on youtube, but cannot submit links to my post yet.

Ignition and fuel injection works in ON position - i can still drive without speedo and rev counter, headlights off and indicators glowing.

Maybe the contacts in key ignition switch are not touching? And when I press the starter, it powers the dashboard from ignition circuit?

Thank you for your ideas.

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The wires to the ignition switch may have come loose with ends touching where they shouldn't. That is about the only explanation I have for some stuff being on when the ignition switch is off. Ignition switch faulty? How to repair it!

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