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Keep Dropping Wee on Downhill Stops

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(Preface: I am 5'-10" on a Wee with a touring gel seat).

Work has me temporarily relocated from Chicago to Chattanooga, TN and now I have elevation changes, mountains and twisty roads! :thumbup:
However this also caused me to let my Wee take some naps on the road:

Nap #1: I am hitting up the twisty mountain roads with a riding buddy. He takes a turn too fast and dumps his bike in a downhill hairpin. He was down in the roadway so I came to a stop in the middle of the curved, banked road and tried to put my feet down, lost balance and fell over.

Nap #2: A bunch of us rented a chalet in the Smoky Mountains one weekend and to get from there to anywhere, you have to navigate a maze of twisty roads with large downhill sections. I came to one intersection that had a stop sign at the steep downhill part that also had a curve to it. Once again, came to a stop and felt the unbalanced weight of the bike and let it fall over.

What am I doing wrong?
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Yup. I just discovered this same set of circumstances myself ... Just a few days ago, I had to do a quick stop on a (ever so slightly angled street). Normally my left foot goes down first when stopping but this time I was a bit off balance and came down on my right foot.

It was just a slight incline but it did make maybe a 2 or 3 inch difference in the distance to the street. Just enough. I was not even in gravel. I had good boots on with good tread and it was dry pavement.

I am about a 250 pound person and am fairly strong (At least I tell myself that I am), and I had no chance of holding it up. It is a heavy bike and coupled with the extra couple of inches, it was going down. Nothing I could do.

So, I have a new scuff on my crash bar (better have these on this bike). And I am no worse off except for my Ego.

Welcome to the club. From the look of things this forum has had a record number of recruits to the wall of shame just over the past several days ...

Forget about it. Ride some more and watch out for those inclined stops ...
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