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Keep Dropping Wee on Downhill Stops

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(Preface: I am 5'-10" on a Wee with a touring gel seat).

Work has me temporarily relocated from Chicago to Chattanooga, TN and now I have elevation changes, mountains and twisty roads! :thumbup:
However this also caused me to let my Wee take some naps on the road:

Nap #1: I am hitting up the twisty mountain roads with a riding buddy. He takes a turn too fast and dumps his bike in a downhill hairpin. He was down in the roadway so I came to a stop in the middle of the curved, banked road and tried to put my feet down, lost balance and fell over.

Nap #2: A bunch of us rented a chalet in the Smoky Mountains one weekend and to get from there to anywhere, you have to navigate a maze of twisty roads with large downhill sections. I came to one intersection that had a stop sign at the steep downhill part that also had a curve to it. Once again, came to a stop and felt the unbalanced weight of the bike and let it fall over.

What am I doing wrong?
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Are you thinking of anything else or looking elsewhere as you come to a stop? Think of just the stop and getting one or both feet down as you come to the stop. You can use the front brake for the last few inches of travel, get off the rear brake, and get your feet down and the bike held straight. Yak has a very good point about stopping on a side-sloped piece of road--be sure you are supporting the bike's weight on the foot on the high side. Practice. Find a very minor grade and practice. Then practice on a bit more grade, then even more.
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