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If you're coming through this way, and need a shoulder to lean (or cry) on, I'm here! I have some tools and a great garage a few miles out of town on a small ranch. Contact info below....

Day Tel: 250-374-1010 (bus. number at my shop, KPA Printers)

Address downtown:

220 Victoria Street
Kamloops, BC, Canada
V2C 2A2

Mike Gritten

mobile: 250-319-1010

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Your city name jumped out at me. I had SideEffects Sidecar Company from Kamloops modify the "triple trees" for my DL1000 Sidecar rig to provide easier steering for the rig. Same procedure they use on various trikes etc. to reduce trail and give the "power steering feel".

Anyway, great people to work with and very helpful in every way. Would love to stop in there sometime and see how they do what they do. Long way from home though.

Regards to Kamloopers!
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