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K6 Wee won't start

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Was headed out of town a few weeks ago, and she sputtered and stopped less than a mile from home. Also, she didn't want to rev very well before dying. The previous ride also showed signs of not wanting to rev, but once she was warm she ran just fine. Thankfully, most of the push home was downhill, but some was certainly hard uphill.

So far, I have put new plugs in, and checked for spark. Checks good. Filled it full of fresh gas (not that is was old, or known to be bad). Air filter was new 2-3000 miles ago, and is still VERY clean.

Any ideas on what to check next? Kinda stuck at this point:headbang:. I am short on time (3 jobs and a college class do that) and garage space (I have none, though I do have a private parking spot where I can work on the car so long as it isn't raining. Still, hoping to not take her in to a shop, hoping to get this done at home.
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If there is no FI or CHEC at the normal clock position with the ignition on, I'd do a fuel flow check next. Fuel flow check
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