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As my first immediate maintenance event on my (new to me) 2007 Wee, I changed the oil and filter. I don't much care which filter as long as it is wix/napa/k&n or one of the brands most people on this board would agree are good ...

The K&N was cheap on amazon so I got one of those ...

Of course, no where on the box does it state a torque requirement or much of anything for that matter.

I searched these forums and found only 2 references to this. One saying, "tighten it till it does not leak". Ok, well I figured that and in reality this is likely the best advice anyway. I get that.

Another said 2 turns past where the seal first contacts the base.

Yet another said that if the seal on the filter is flat then it is 3/4 turn and if the seal is round then it is 2 full turns.

Well, the seal on the K&N is round. I tightened it about 1 turn and it was darn tight ... So, 3/4 appears to me to be what would work.

2 turns and I think I would damage something ...

Now I am only going on my own feel which is only based on the thousand or so oil filters I have changed in my life ...

Now, of course it does not leak and all is well .. But, I am actually curious to see if others have experienced this as so far I found contradictory information on this forum ....

Any experience would be appreciated.


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The OEM Suzuki filter has a large cross section O-ring and is to be tightened 2 turns after contact using a tool that fits the end. It is the only one I've ever heard of that has that specification. It is designed to deform that larger and apparently softer O-ring to flatten it.

Every other filter I know of will probably work fine being hand tightened or set at 3/4 turn with a tool. The Purolator has a smaller than OEM round cross section O-ring and 3/4 turn is specified for it. If there is no specification listed by the filter manufacturer, I would coat the O-ring with oil and hand tighten it. Except for the Suzuki filter or a filter with a different method specified, that is pretty standard.
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