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Just bought my first Vee!!!!

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Hi Everyone,
I just bought my first Vee (02 DL1000, 7800 miles) today. It came with a full Givi luggage setup, and a lowering link (not needed at 6'3"), room for lots more farkles. It came in under budget, I was thinking of spending 4000, so now I have 1000 for farkles?

Throw me some ideas!

I know I need to replace the seat, I am thinking sargeant, and also some improved windscreen, maybe an improved mounting system.


I am also thinking somwhere down the road I would like a throttle locker, gps, and who knows what else!
I am looking for your suggestions.


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Congrats! Seat Concepts just finalized their offering for the Stroms. If it's not on their site yet, shoot an email off. Very good service and they send you new foam and a cover....use your stock pan. Save $$$$.

I've had their seat on my DR650 and have the second iteration (final) of their Strom seat on my Wee now. Great foam & comfort.
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