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Just bought my first V-Strom 1000 - What mods?

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Hey All.. Pretty excited, I just picked this one up on eBay.. Great people to deal with and I got the price down to $5450. I think it's a pretty good deal with the exhaust, top case, etc..

Suzuki : V-STROM 1000 | eBay

What mods would you recommend from here? Not sure if this has the stock seat? Windshield looks aftermarket also.. Any tips in general for a new owner would be great. Thx, and look forward to being a part of the community.
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Just at quick glance...

It looks to have the older style Madstat bracket but thats not a big deal, still adjustable, you might want to consider cutting the windshield and if that doesn't suit you then consider replacing it, there are too many choices to list. Do a search there's ton's of suggestions and pics. Some have big issues with buffeting so you'll want to tread carefully.

Some mirror extenders will reduce turbulance and give you less of a view of your shoulders :)

I would definitely consider a centerstand, and the seat looks to be from a DL650, depending on the year of Wee it came from it will be from .5 to 1 inch lower. It's not a great seat but some are ok with it, you might be able to find someone to trade you their DL1000 seat for your DL650. It's a better seat, and slightly taller if that suits you better.

Luggage of course... again too many choices to list. Search is your friend here.

Anyway good luck and grats on the bike, I think you'll enjoy it.
umm... on closer inspection, disregard what I said about the seat.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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