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So I have one final comfort issue to address. My Russell Day Long has moved me up an inch and back an inch. I compensated for the "up an inch" by installing Kouba Lowering Links so I can flatfoot the bike. Right now, that "Back an inch" is causing me undo pain in the upper back, between the shoulder blades. I'm in pain after an hour of riding which won't cut it this summer. I've found that if I slide up in the seat to give my arms a little slack, the pain goes away. I've estimated that the distance forward is only an inch. I'm thinking I only need to bring my bars back an inch and I will be golden.

Sounds easy, but there's a catch. I love my new bars, Pro Taper Raptor, they have just the right amount of pullback, so far no wrist pain. The catch is that I already have 2" risers:

What I'd like to do is find a way to get a set of snowmobile risers on the bike as they run much longer:

I'm thinking they won't cut it though.

My other choice is to add another set of risers to bring the bars back. I'd have two sets of risers in series (so to speak).

The way the Rox Elite's work, they fit into the existing bar mounts, the up and back mount like the one above would/should technically work.

Has anyone else tried this?

Is there a better way?

If I do this, I will have to contact Mr Davis to pick up some cable extensions as well as extend my throttle cables. I should have enough play left in my brake & clutch lines.
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