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Being a long weekend I decided to head out to the woolshed.
My uncle lives close by in Maclagan so I organised to stay at his place Friday and Saturday night .

I couldn't get all Friday off work but got an early mark to leave at 10 so straight home shower load the bike and I was off .

First stop fill the strom up and check air pressure in the tyres.
Weather did not look promising when I got to woodford lucky id packed the wets so a quick stop to put them on

A quick stop for a drink and a pic of my bike near this Kenworth at Colinton

I stopped at Cooyar for lunch and remove the wet gear as i was getting pretty hot and I had driven through the rain .
I arrived at my turnoff just out of Cooyar

Not far now even though it was only 2pm I was on the lookout for wallabies feeding on the green grass along the sides of the road and sure enough I saw quite a few once I hit the dirt no pics though .
I made it to my uncles jumped off the Strom and opened the gate and took a pic

Driveway/track to the house

Day 2
I was a bit slack today and gave the Strom a break and my uncle drove us over to the rally .
We got there early and people were still setting up and others were still arriving to camp overnight .
We walked through the bike displays there were some very nice bikes there

My highlight was the KLE in the carpark
Not long ago on Stormtrooper someone asked about mounting spare jerry cans on the crash bars well this guy has taken it a step further and looks like he has a pump to either pump into the tank or into his fuel system

Well After a great nights sleep I was out of bed at 7am had breakfast and off for a bit of a tour around the backroads and a pic of the bike at Brymaroo in front of the war memorial

When I arrived there was a cyclist laying on the table looking like he was asleep .
He was about 60 and had ridden from Brisbane the day before but was getting picked up because he had enough.
The driver of the car offered to take a pic of me near my bike I gladly accepted his offer

I left there and headed back through Kulpi towards Cooyar it was a great morning for a ride big open country and amazing sky

As I went through Cooyar and up the range the sky was darkening and I knew I was in for a wet ride home .
I lasted until just before Yardman then pulled over to don the wet weather gear

That was the last pic I took and rode the rest of the way home the rain steadily getting heavier
I arrived in Caboolture with the last bar and fuel light flashing 401ks /14.3ltr 28klm/L :D
It was a great weekend just missed seeing Graham there maybe next time .
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