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I just returned from doing the James Bay Road from the Detroit area and I wanted to thank all who have posted related information in past posts. It was all very helpful. The area is amazing and I recommend the ride to anyone who loves to ride long stretches of scenic road with very little traffic.

Everyone we talked to said the road was in bad shape but this was mostly from people driving cars and motor homes. The road had many places where there was a dip across both lanes, about 8-12" wide and 2-3" deep. The bikes (V2 and YST) handled it great, but we limited our speed to around 100kph.

There's lots to see and a lot of great places to camp along the way. The people we met were very nice and there was little problem with language. Most people were bilingual.

If you get a chance to do it, I would highly recommend the ride.
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