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Is this normal?

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When I push my bike around in neutral, it is very easy to move.

If I have it in gear and push it it is much harder to move.

When I start the bike in 1st gear with the clutch pulled in it move the bike forward against the front brake.

I've adjusted the clutch lever travel to factory specs.

It seems to me that it still is not completely disengaging.

However, it's been years since I've had a wet clutch and this behavior may be completely normal.:confused:

Informed advice sought. Thanks in advance for answers. Thanks much more for correct answers. :green_lol:
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It is normal for the first shift into gear with cold oil for the bike to lurch as the plates are forced to separate. They are pretty much glued together like two wet plates of glass can stick together. It is also harder to push the bike with cold oil. As long as there is no hint of the engine trying to move the bike when in gear and warm with the clutch disengaged, don't worry about it.
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