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Iron Butt SS1600 on the BC Trans Canada

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I've spent the past year farkling up the bike with a mind to try this and went out on Monday, starting from Abbotsford BC, turning around in Calgary Alberta and returning to Abbotsford Tuesday morning.

I made it with about half an hour to spare, but the ride had a lot of challenges. Didn't sleep during the ride - just rest/fuel stops about every 200km.

From Abbotsford to Hope was uneventful with just a bit of rain. More rain and some fog up on the Coquihalla to Kamloops and caught a bit of hail before Salmon Arm. Through some light showers between Kamloops and Calgary. More showers and some fog coming back but pretty much clear after Salmon Arm in the morning.

The real challenge was the road construction and resulting slow downs and stops. Lost at least 20 minutes both ways near Revelstoke and it looked like they were hosing off the winter's gravel or something in some of the snow tunnels in the mountains and both directions of traffic were being routed through the one side of the snow shed. Veerrrry slick with the dust turning into greasy mud and the road surface sloped toward the oncoming traffic. It was less slippery in the sheds when I came back through at night, but still some greasy stuff here and there.

I pretty much owned the road from Banff to Revelstoke. I had stopped at Golden on the way to Calgary but decided to go through to Revelstoke on the return trip to make up some time lost from rain and fog. The Denali lights from Twisted throttle were amazing and lit up the night when I hit the high beams. Heated grips were appreciated as was the 12 hours of MP3 music I had until the battery died. I used my Blackberry ear buds and they only stayed in if I looped the cord over the top of my ears. Otherwise the full face helmet pulled them off when I put it on. Apparently Canadian Protect Ear makes custom silicone "biker buddies" (I think that's what they're called) that work with MP3's and full face helmets.

Owned the Coquihalla except for a few trucks in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. No RV's (that's why I went this early, along with the long daylight) and perhaps I should thank the rain for keeping wildlife off the road - only saw a few owls fly overhead at night. (I told you the Denali's were good!)

Route = TC from Abbotsford to Hope, Coquihalla (hwy5) to Kamloops, then on the TC again to Revelstoke, Golden, Banff and turning around at 6th Street in Calgary. Skipped Golden on the way back and skipped gassing up at Hope but got scared and put 10 bucks in at Chilliwack. Left at 7:11 Monday and back 6:35 Tuesday, with just over 1800km showing on both the bike and Google Maps. I was OK as long as I remained focused on the current leg - low point was around 1 AM at Revelstoke when I was cold and tired and started doubting I'd finish in time. Hot English Toffee and a muffen perked me up and I got my head back under control. High points were seeing the night light up with the Denali's and listening to Moody Blues Nights in White Satin while watching the moon emerge from some clouds as it set.

Call me stupid (they did at work) but I might do it again. I-5 to LA next time, maybe. And some portable music device with longer battery life.

Oh, BTW. Every gas clerk was willing to put their name and contact info on the log - tip of the visor to all of them. Just need to finish off the paper work and send it in.

Wish me luck.
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Congrats! Lining up for my 10th Grand Challenge this year (1000 miles in 24 hours). The damn things can get a bit addictive...
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