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I was out to a work related meeting this past week when traffic got backed up, so I pulled to the shoulder to call and let them know I would be late. Kick stand down, foot over, walk around bike... smash! Must have been on just enough of a slope that it moved.. or I failed at kickstand deployment.

Left turn signal went kaboom, and my rox risers (with teh rubber inserts) got all twisted up, but no damage to the bars, minus a tiny patch of scrapage on the bar end. I was sure that my clutch lever was toast.

Later that day, on my way home, i thought i would take that one dirt trail near my house that i have seen both the entrance and exit for... just to see how it went. Well, it went gnarly after about 100 yards.. and the bike took a nap. No damage this time either, minus the handlebars needing some serious tweaking to get straight.

Maybe they arent tight enough in there (the rear is hard to tighten with the bar in the way) but it seems to have worked out in my favor. :thumbup:

Vibes are down a bit too. As soon as my vibranators are in, I should be good to go. (well, after i replace the turn signal as well)
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