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Well, I now have a couple of different intercom systems for the bike but don't exactly know what some of them are or how they work. I received these from an older friend of mine who used to do much riding with his wife on a wing. Hence, these are older units (most of them take 9 volt batteries).

Anyway, to my questions. I have two Maxon Systems Incorporated Model 49-F5 hands free communicators. These do have the PTT (push to talk) buttons which can be mounted on the bikes handlebars. It states that voice is transmitted via vibrations in the auditory canal. I'm guessing that when you talk (transmit) it somehow picks it up through your head and takes it back into the same earpiece you are using to hear from. These are 5 channel FM two way radios. I'm guessing it's a poor mans CB to talk to another bike you might be traveling with?

The second and third systems are from Nady. One is a PMC-1 and the other is a PMC-2. The ear piece and mikes on these are for full face helmets but one does not work. The PMC-2 didn't come with any ear pieces/mikes but takes AAA batteries, which I have on-hand, so I could try this one. It does work as my wife and I listened to each other at the kitchen table. These are actual intercoms for a driver/passenger. Where would I get different ear piece/mikes for these?

Third is kind of neat. It's from Hondaline and made by Clarion. These are two headsets which are made for openface helmets. We don't use open face helmets... Anyway, I pushed these into both our helmets and tried them out. This is how I know the PMC-2 works. It does work with full face helmets after you adjust them after putting the helmet on. These have the metal flex cord coming from the earpiece to mic.

Most of this stuff has instructions but with so many pieces I'm not exactly sure how he put all this together.

I did search the internet and found some information but not much. Is there anyone who might have any experience with these units that could give me some insight?
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