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Some friends and I are planning a ride to Alaska next summer. Although we are all Gold Wing riders, we plan to buy second bikes for this trip, ride to Alaska, then sell them and fly back. My choice of bike for the trip is a 2006 V-Strom DL1000.
Being Gold Wing riders, we also wanted onboard navigation, tunes and bike-to-bike communications. I thought I would share with you my solution for this.
After searching this forum, I decided to use a Garmin Zumo 665 GPS, that I also use on my Gold Wing, a Midland 75-810 handheld CB I had available, and a Kennedy Electronics AuxAmp2 unit (KTG AuxAmp2) to tie them together.
The GPS provides navigation, MP3 music, and satellite radio, weather and traffic information. The Midland is obviously for short range bike-to-bike comms.
I wanted to set them up so the CB would mute the GPS, either navigation or music, when one of my riding buddies called. The AuxAmp2 appears to be the solution, at least for me.
Although I have not tried it on the road yet, or with other riders, the AuxAmp2 setup seems to work fine in the “garage test mode”. Volume levels on both the GPS and CB are fine (Volume levels were way to low plugging into the GPS directly), and the CB mutes the GPS any time the squelch is broken.
Mic output levels also seem fine, using a standard Gold Wing headset with a dynamic mic. Both CB transmit and receive between the bike unit and another unit set up in the garage seems to work fine.
I do obviously get more background noise with the engine running, but it seems to be about as expected, and is not overwhelming, especially for the short range communications we'll be using.
Attached is a photo of the setup, and the wiring that I used. I already had the GPS wired in so did not use the power from the AuxAmp2.
Jon Jambor at Kennedy Electronics was very helpful providing detailed connection information. Apparently he was not aware of anyone using this setup with a CB, and was not sure if it would work.
Questions welcome ….


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