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Installing Galfer brake lines on a 2008 DL650A: a couple of questions

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I'm elbow deep in replacing the brake lines on my 2008 DL650A. I've come up with a couple of questions that I hope the community might give me some clues on.

1 - The kit includes some short (about 6") lines that run from the ABS block (at the triple tree) back to the front ends of the rigid lines that go all the way back to the ABS control unit. When I look in from the front, it sure looks like I'll have to remove the tank to access the rear ends of those 6" lines. Any suggestions or tricks for me here, or do I just bite the bullet? I'll attach some photos, progressively zooming in to the connections.
I asked Richland Rick, and he said that he thought it was not necessary to remove the tank, but also added that the 2008 was different from the years just after (or before?) it, so he wasn't sure.

2- The three way splitter block that was attached to the left fork has a bolt that also helps hold the fender to the fork. With the splitter block gone (the new hoses use a different splitter connection), the bolt will be way too long. I was just going to buy a shorter bolt. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any help.
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View from in front of the bike

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Moved in closer

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Zoomed way in. That's the original ABS brake hose coming in from the left, and the connection in question way the heck back in there.
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I aim replace my brake lines next year when I replace my coolant and air filter. Will have everything stripped off the bike to do them.
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