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installation of a garmin 60csx + electrical concerns

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i've been reading pages of posts, but im not sure if i'm any further !

I want to install my Garmin 60csx on my 08 Vee. I think i've settled for a ram mount that goes over the brake fluid container.

I'm somewhat confused about the recommendations for wiring. I'd like to "hard cable" it and avoid the cigarette lighter thing.

However, I'm planning on eventually adding a socket for a heated vest, and likely adding additional lights, maybe heated grips, and changing the horn.

1- anyone have bad/good experiences with the ram mount and the 60csx?
2- do i need to install a PC-8 Fuse Panel ?
3- where can i find a "how to" with pictures on how to start doing some of this cabling work?
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So I finally received my bare cable to connect my 60Csx.

here's the question:

Garmin states the red cable is for power and the black cable is ground.

1-where do I connect my ground to?
2-once I receive my PC8 box, how do i change the connection?
You connect the ground straight to the battery negative terminal. (i would never use the frame as a ground connection).. Unless you have the PC8 (which I know you just ordered)... In that case the PC8 has the outputs for the + and - wires of you Garmin cable and 7 more for other electical gadgets you may want to install... Remember, on the PC8... terminals 7 and 8 are unswitched (meaning connected directly to the battery)... anything connected to those outputs will drain the battery if left plugged in while the bike is off...
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