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Got my Garmin 60CS, downloaded all of the maps, and installed the Garmin bracket on my bike. It's a fairly secure bracket, especially after I run the lanyard around the mirror as a backup. I'll be really happy when the RAM mount comes out (sometime in the next few weeks). But for now, it's better than nothing.

The 60CS is waterproof (not just splashproof). There are rubber grommets on the back that must be opened for power, USB, or an external antenna. Obviously, opening those grommets will keep the unit from being waterproof.

Overall, it's well-constructed. I like the lock on the battery door- it isn't just a cheesy plastic cover held by friction.

As far as the crash bars are concerned, the installation is pretty easy. The long bolt is a little too long, but it comes with extra washers and spacers to build it up a little. Still, it could've easily been 5mm shorter.

More later, of course.

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