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Several interesting bike sightings this weekend. First the Vee. It was parked just off Marion's main street at roughly 8PM this evening. A very nice first-generation Vee. Blue, I think, with a full set of black Givi cases and an aftermarket windscreen. Kentucky tag. Was really nice and clean. I'd forgotten how nice those bikes could look.

Yesterday, I think, I saw a Harley of some sort with sidecar (empty, I believe), travelling a road near Marion. Might possibly have been the first bike & sidecar I've actually seen in motion (in person).

Back to tonight, on Main street Marion I saw:

Several Harleys of various types, I suppose.

A Ducati Monster (never heard that "Monster" name before). A bright red sport bike. Nice enough but looked small parked with the others...

A nice BMW RS1200. Dark blue, maybe. Looked very new (might not have been) and very clean. A fine looking machine.

A Tenere. 1200, I suppose. Dark gray. Very nice.

I think the Ducati, BMW and S10 had Carolina (North Carolina) tags.

Out of the bunch I guess I'd have chosen the BMW, but that Tenere looked nice too. No new-gen Vee there...:wink2:
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