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Impressions from a recent DL650 owner

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I've had this bike for three weeks now and first off let me say I'm really loving this bike! While I was considering either DL, I posted in the V-Curious forum with some concerns holding back my purchase, and received a lot of helpful feedback. I thought while it's still fresh in my mind I would do a comparison of what my concerns were vs. what I actually think now that I've been riding and commuting for three weeks, in the hopes that it helps someone else.

Ok then the bike is a 2010 DL650A (new to me, about 5000km (3000 mi.)).

  • I was concerned about the height of the bike while a pillion is mounting and my ability to keep the bike steady with a 32" inseam. Well this turned out to be a complete non-issue. The height of the bike is fine, in fact it feels shorter every day.
  • I was concerned about the top box being an adequate backrest and whether a pillion mounting the bike equipped with panniers and top box would be cumbersome. Well it turns out that it is, but the passengers adapt and after a few tries my wife is much smoother on and off - practice truly makes perfect. My daughter hops on no problem from the first go.
  • I was concerned that a top box might be too flimsy to be a backrest. What I did not think to ask is which top box makes a good backrest, turns out the OEM top box (which came with the bike) intrudes on the passenger seat and as a result creates some discomfort. And prevents the seat from being removed without removing the top box first.
  • I thought the bike might be difficult to handle at slow speeds because I had heard that it is top heavy. Turns out I do not find it top heavy and it handles great at slow speeds, tight circles are a breeze.
  • The throttle on this bike is quite sensitive, in the first two days I was looking for adjustments, but left it alone. Three weeks later I hardly notice it.
  • The seat had me wondering what kind of torture device I was sitting on and what I had done to deserve it. I know from experience that it's a good Idea to give any new seat and seating position some time. I actually think this seat may be a keeper now that I'm getting used to it - but the jury is still out.
  • The windshield - yikes, buffeting!! I know experiencing this seems to be hit and miss, but for me it was hit-hit-hit. Anyway I tried washers and that helped some, yesterday I received and installed the Madstad bracket and am still fiddling to find the best position but looks very promising.
  • I had heard the rear brake is quite sensitive on these bikes, to be honest, unless I really press hard on mine it seems like it's hardly engaging. So no issue in that regard.

Strangely, the things I did not expect seem to serve to endear the bike to me even more as I work to adjust it to my taste and tolerance. So after three weeks, all I can say is what a hoot, great bike, but prepare to make some adjustments to get the most out of it :)

By strom1356 at 2011-07-21
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Now you need to know something. There is a disease that most of us get who own the Wee (even the Vee owners get it from time to time). This disease appears to have no cure and can cause problems with spouses and other loved ones if not watched closely. It is the Farkle Disease.

I know about it well. I thought I was immune. Now over $2,000 later, I admit that I have it. Maybe our wife's need a support group? You think? Nah!
It's just going to cost you mo' money is all:yikes:
My husband loves that I'm riding, he's able to talk bikes with someone on a regular basis, and we're able to share farkling excitement, but it costs us double, because "hey, if you're going to get that, I want one too".
What is it with the stickers though? My husband "decorated" my pelican cases with stickers, and I wasn't too thrilled. So now I have to unsticker my bike. Maybe I'll find a sticker or two that I like, but c'mon.
I'm hoping I can take my side and center stands to a welder and have them shortened once I lower my bike some more.
A hair dryer and a wooden scraper (an old wooden spatula works fine) to remove stickers. Just heat the stickers and after they are good and warm start carefully pushing them with the wooden scraper. They will come off pretty fast. A little Goo Gone to get rid of the left over residue and TaDa! No stickers.

P.S. Don't get so carried away with the hair dryer that you soften the plastic on the cases. Not a good idea.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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