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Important question for anyone with a bit of knowledge about importing a motorbike from Canada to Ireland/Europe:
I'm planning to hit to Canada soon where I want to pick up a 2010 V-Strom 650, which I want to tour around North and Central America with, finally shipping it home to Ireland with me to keep.
The problem is, I just met a Brazilian couple touring on a Strom, we got chatting and the guy tells me he's pretty sure that you cannot import a V-Strom into the United Kingdom, that they've banned it, saying it's emmissions are too high. England is pretty close to home, and if it's like that in England is it the same for Ireland??
If this is true and it counts for Ireland too it really messes up my travel plans. I'm currently on a bike tour of South America, I'm in Venezuela and it's impossible for me to check into this down here, so if anyone knows what the situation is could they please drop me a line, cheers!

P.S. I know that there are clearly some English Strommers from postings in this section, but I'm just wondering if it's different to import from Canada......
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