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Not that anyone missed me!!

I lurked on here after I sold my DL1K6 because I missed by Strom, and this weekend, I'm back in the VStrom world!

I bought "my" bike again, not my original one, but another DL1K6. She's a real beauty, not a mark on her, and bone stock, ready for me to farkle to my specs.

I was jonesing for a KTM Adventure, and considered a GS, but came back to the DL. Why? The KTM is great but tons of money. The GS is tons of money, and has issues; it's gotten too complicated, I don't like shaft drive in an off-road bike. This DL is stone-reliable, and I bought this one with barely 7k on the clock for far less than half the cost of either the KTM or GS. I don't think I'm losing out on quality either. Component sophistication (suspention, brakes), yes, I'm not getting the same standard as the KTM or GS, but upgrading is simple, and not that expensive. I'll throw on a good rebuildable shock, upgrade the fork internals, slip-on's to lose weight and lower the CofG, steel brake lines etc. etc....

I can do a lot of customizing for a couple of grand, money I would have spent on the KTM and GS anyway, and have a lot of money for gas, campground fees, and trips on the DL.
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