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Ignition switch removal qu

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Gummed up and or worn ignition barrel issue, which means key won't go in all the way (most), so not turn to On. Other threads show how to fix the wafers, preceded of course by removal of switch itself. Other threads talk about Torx security bolts, but the mounting bolts on my 2014 1000 don't appear to have a bolt head - see pic. The manual says to 'chisel' the bolts off - but what does that mean actually? Is what you see in the picture a plug or bolt cover of some sort or is it the bolt itself? If so, that means you have to undo it - but how? You can see I have tried to cut a slot in it for a screwdriver or to give purchase to chisel blade, but nothing much is happening. Anyone been here before and can help?
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Ah. The clue was in the cross section drawing of the bolt they provided, showing a thin metal cap. Chisel be damned though - be a bugger of a job. Out with the angle grinder to take most of the cap off each bolt, then put triple clamp back on the steering head bolt and with a drift, tap the switch body off. Phew. Wish they gave us Aussies just normal bolts...... Now have to extricate the old bolts, then open up the switch body and do the cleaning and shaving of the wafers.
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