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Northeastern Pennsylvania, December 17th 56 degrees.
This is great, no snow and little salt. I have manage to extend my season on the wee by almost 1 month over the fatboy. The extended Givi windshield, heated grips, and hand guards. Combined with the following gear:
Tourmaster 3/4 length textile jacket

FirstGear HT II OverPants

Tour Master Cold Front Carbon Gloves

Sidi On Road Sympatex Boots

I wear underarmor top and bottoms, smartwool over tha calf socks, Nolan Ncom 102 with the no fog clip in, and a windshear over the nose and throat guard.

If your Strom is tucked away, break it out...revise your Christmas list..its not too late. Here is a link to see how your gear fares..... Now get out there and ride till the new year! ( And then some!!!!!!)
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