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Identifying Stock versus Shortened Stands

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Any way to tell whether the lowered bike I have also had the stands shortened? Work was done by prior owner, not sure whether I'll have a problem with my centerstand or sidestand if I raise the rear back to stock height.
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Stock is 9" weld to weld on the stem.

A dealer recently tried to sell me a new one when he raised my bike and said it had been chopped by the previous owner. Took a tape to his new Wee on the showroom floor - identical! I don't go there anymore.

BTW - later found a great old school motorcycle shop in Alexandria VA who will do anything you need for working man prices. He restores old Beemers primarily but knows everything about two wheeled transport.

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Thanks for the info!

I was puzzling over the centerstand as well, couldn't figure out whether it was lowered or not, given that both tires are touching the ground when it's on the stand... it looks like other bikes in photos at least have one wheel floating in air when they are on center; if that's the case I have to figure it was chopped at some point, but I'll see how it sits on a raised board at the rear, maybe.
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