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I want to reposition the footpegs and controls

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I'm finding that the footpegs are about 4" farther back than I really like-- I'm spending a lot of time with my heels on the pegs, rather than the balls of my feet.

I've looked at Vortex Rearsets, but I don't see a mod specifically for the DL650 WeeStrom.

What other mods are available?

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I've always installed Raask rearsets on my previous bikes (oldskool GS1100 zukis), and they are a quality item that work very well.
However, it seems that you want your controls to be further forward...

My modifications were done in order to accomodate my sitting position; I like to be leaned forward a bit more than what the GS controls allowed for (I also installed clubman bars).

I find the controls on the strom just right, but maybe you need something different (we're not all built the same).

I find my wee handles a lot better if I position myself further back in the seat (I normally sit upright and way in the front) and with a serious lean forward. I put the tips of my feet on the pegs, but need to move my foot to shift or brake, and that's time-consuming. I wouldn't want rearsets though, because I like the control my straight-forward position gives me in traffic.

Maybe Raask makes something you can use, but most people make rearsets, not forward controls (which you seem to want).

I'd be inclined to say you need to revisit your sitting position and riding style, but your best option might be to build your own adapters for repositionning the controls.
It's not that hard to do: the wee's shift linkage can easily be extended/shortened by using a different threaded rod (just cut a bolt to the length you need), and you can source a longer brake pedal from a different bike or make your own folding one. For the footpegs, relocating them might be hard-ish, so maybe you can unbolt the rubber and bolt in a platform of sorts...

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Richland Rick makes a peg lowering kit that moves the pegs one inch lower and about 3/8 inch forward. Even though those measurements don't sound like much, they do make a big difference in taking the kink out of your knee.

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