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I need a dentist! (Or, the dangers of broken teeth)

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So I knew I needed new sprockets when I bought the bike a month ago, but the other night as I was accelerating hard (but not WOT) out of first, something popped and the bike skipped. I clutched immediately, thinking my chain had skipped a tooth. Didn't have time to fix it immediately, so I took it home, riding gingerly, and to work the next day. The popping occurred a few more times throughout the day, so I went out and bought a set of sockets (my largest was only a 19, on a 3/8" drive... I love being at college and without my tools) and borrowed a buddy's torque wrench to adjust the chain tension.

Anyway, I got everything off, and as I was turning the wheel, I noticed that 8 or 9 teeth had broken off of the rear sprocket. Literally, just gone. I had lubed the chain on Saturday, and the teeth were all accounted for then.

I'll admit to being a motorcycle maintenance noob, having ridden 15k miles spread out over 5 different motorcycles, so I've never done anything more than lubing the chain. I've pulled and rebuilt car motors, so I'm not a terrible mechanic (I hope!)

So here I am. I'll be buying a new sprocket set/chain from Blair soon (trying to decide on 525 or 530, I'm a big dude), but currently, funds will not allow it. I can still ride the bike, it feels loads better since I tightened the chain, but at what risk do I do so? This is just me being poor and not having any other options, currently. I can stop riding if this is a huge problem, and have the wife drop me off in the mornings and pick me up, but this severely inconveniences us both. Again, I CAN put the bike aside (please no "U'LL B INCONVENENCED IN TEH HOPSITAL HAHAHAHA!!11" type responses), but if I ride without hard acceleration, will I be ok for the next few weeks until I can afford the sprockets/chain?
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Hydrochloric something or other... technical terms bore me :D
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