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I miss the "Rumble", but like the "Swoosh" and the "Snap" - (tires)

Finally had my TKC-80s replaced last evening. I was hoping to do the whole job myself, but I was running out of time coming up to my three day ride this weekend.

I do miss the feel and the slow speed "rumble" of the TKCs. They were a great tire for everything that I threw at them. It's just too bad that they don't last longer, (I got about 5,500 miles out of the rear.)

A comment I want to make about the TKCs is concerning the front tire. I read either on this forum or on ADV that an individual encountered really weird tread wear on the front tire after the rear had worn down to the replacement stage. I have had the same issue here. Although there is plenty of tread left on the front tire, it has such a funny wear pattern that the bike actually "walks" a little while in a sweeper. I replaced both front and rear tires, (Anakee rear, Tourance front).

The "Swoosh" is the sound in my tires that my new Dyna Beads make. With the motor off and walking the bike, I can hear the ceramic beads "swoosh" as they spill around in the tire. My tire guy said, "Man, this sounds pretty funky." We tested balance of the tires with the beads and they were fine.

The "Snap" is something I missed by using the TKC's. With a more "normal" street oriented tire on the bike, you can snap the bike left to right through turns much quicker then with the TKCs. The other "Snap" is how confidentally the rear tire engages with the road when pulling a wheelie. I am not very good at it, but it is a whole heck of a lot easier with the Anakee then with the TKC! Plus, even when abusing the tire this way, I still get around 11,000 miles out of the tire!

Summer's here in Maine, (finally!!!!), time to scrape some footpegs!

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