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Folks, after many years of wanting one, but for one reason or another, never having the opportunity to buy one, today I purchased my 'Strom during a tropical Storm!

A few months after I had purchased by 2002 ZRX1200, the V-Strom was introduced by Suzuki. They were late, or I was early, I'm not sure.

Then a few years later, right after my dualsport introduction, I bought a KLR650. Guess what, a few months or it might even have been weeks, Suzuki came along and introduced the Wee-Strom.

I just took a job that requires me to commute about 90 miles each day on expressways. I could have ridden my Concours - great bike for the job, but it's 21 years old and would need a lot more attention than a newer bike.

My KLR650 would do the job, but would offer me nothing in reserve in the event I needed to accelerate out of a bad situation.

My KLX250S is an awesome bike, but NOT on the interstate! Besides, the designer of the seat was a direct descendent of Marquis DeSade himself! :shock:

Okay, I know, they are all excuses and I probably could have made due with any of the bikes for my daily commute.

But cut me a break! I've wanted a V-Strom for some time, today I bought one. I am now the owner, or at least will be the owner of a V-Strom - dark red - tomorrow when the dealer has her prepped and ready to go!

I live in Florida - a small town named Umatilla. It is located in some of the best riding country in Florida - north Lake County. We have the Ocala National Forest on our northern border and I've spent many miles riding the dirt in that area! The KLX250S is right at home there and will go just about anywhere, including sugar sand up to the hub! I don't think the Strom will be called upon for any of that riding! It's too big to pick up by myself! And when you ride off road in that deep sand, you have to pick the bike up at least once each trip! :D

At present I am working two jobs. I work doing data retrieval from crashed hard drives during the week and on weekends - at least most weekends, I teach MSF classes for Florida Safety Council. I can't stress how important it is to take regular training to keep yourself safe on the congested highways we now have in our state.

While not a native, I've lived here for 32 years now. My wife and I moved to Ocala back in 1974. I was riding my Suzuki GT380 back then and found Florida to be a magnificent motorcycling state.

I've gone the gamut in motorcycles, owning sportbikes, cruisers, touring bikes and just about everything in-between. Then I bought my first dualsport bike and now I a total of 4 of them! Guess I finally found the bike I like to ride.

Count me in for any meet and greets, but please plan in advance so I can arrange for the time off from work.

Looking forward to riding with y'all and getting my Strom!
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