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I mistakenly posted this in the general 650 thread last night. It was late and I had strom on the brain. My apologies for the double post.

After lusting for the past four mos. and waiting for a new home to close, I'm now the VERY happy and proud owner of a very clean blue '04 DL650 with 17.1k on the clock.

At this point, I can't stop cracking the door of the garage, flipping on the light, and just looking at it.

What it came with:
soft panniers
tank bag,
Beaver fuse block
Madstad windshield brace
throttle lock,
DL 650 and 1000 seats
Fork brace (needs to be installed)
up-and-back bar risers,
tool/storage tube
and gear indicator.

What I want to add: (reccos are welcome)
Center stand.
Hard luggage of some sort.
Skid plate.
Crash bars. (maybe)

I've still got my '00 KLX 300, so the Wee will probably be used mostly for commuting and touring/fire road camping here in CO, UT, NM and AZ, I'll keep the KLX as the trail/woods bike.

thx to all who post here. Originally I was in the camp of some sort of Beemer, but was afraid of the costs and some of the driveline issues they've had. I believe your posts and wisdom have led me down a better path.


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I did the same thing when I got my strom... could not stop myself from bursting into my garage every hour to just oogle at my new to me bike! :bom_love:

Congrats. You will have a lot of fun with it. It is certainly nicely equipped - will save you a lot of research time online - go out and enjoy riding it.

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Congrats!!! I still cant stoping going in the garage and taking a peak haha
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