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Howdy from CT

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Hi everybody -
I pick up my '04 Vee tomorrow! I started moto life in 2005 on a KLR, and then wanted to do longer highway rides, so I added a Concours... and then I wanted both bikes at the same time, so I tried out both the Wee and the Vee, and decided (after much soul searching) the Vee was right for me. Then I went out and bought a 99' Tiger. :mrgreen: It was fun and great in a lot of ways, but it was a quirky piece of equipment, and after three years of troubleshooting the same darn problem:headbang:, I sold it abruptly and started looking for a Vee.

I looked long and hard within a 300 mile radius, and was seriously considering a fly'n'ride, when all of a sudden a very clean '04 with 14K on the clock showed up a whopping 20 minutes away. Fast forward a few days, and I can hardly wait for tomorrow.

A big hello to all the familiar faces from and advrider... I'm the noob around here but recognize an awful lot of names, mostly recovering KLR-aholics...

Ride Safe everybody!
Brian aka Mapboy
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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