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How Warm should Gerbing Vanguard Gloves Be???

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I have 12V Gerbing Vanguard gloves and their heated jacket liner. The highest setting I have ever used for the jacket liner is 1-3 in under 30 degree weather and the jacket is toasty and warm. However, the gloves at the full setting have never felt warm. I can feel just the tiniest bit of warmth in the gloves at the highest setting, but nothing even close to jacket level. I use the dual controller and have looked at my cabling situation several times. Gerbing has been no help. The gloves are extremely well made and comfortable if I can just get some more heat. This is my second cold season with them without any change. Just trying to figure out if they should work to the level I expect or just to the level they currently perform.
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My wife has the full Gerbing set and she's not too careful with them. We regularly find wires breaking because she sits on them or something. Before you go any further, break out the multimeter and test the wiring and the gloves themselves.

Wiring: At the glove connector you should be measuring 12V DC at full heat, maybe a little less at lower settings.
Gloves: At the glove connector you can measure resistance. Should be in the low ohms range, maybe around one half to one ohm. I don't have the exact value, but infinite is no good.
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