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How to adjust front fork pre-load?

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I searched in the forum, and found mountains of text, but I'm looking for some photos and a simple explanation of the process.
Can anybody remember a thread here that shows that process?
Perhaps somebody can post an image?
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Unless I'm missing the point it really doesn't need an image ... Put screwdriver in slot in adjuster at end of fork tube, tighten to increase preload, loosen to decrease preload. Repeat for other side.
... further (I no longer have the manual), isn't the procedure outlined in the manual?... As SCraig says, adjust both sides to the same # of turns "Righty tighty... lefty loosey"....
Thanks for your help. I personally like to see photos, not read dry manual's text or diagrams..
But when I get back home today I will look at the manual and try to look for these instructions. I'll probably take a photo of that screw and post it for verification - don't want to tighten the wrong screw (some an old thread here someone almost tightened the wrong one, and GreyWolf corrected him. But I was wondering where are the photos? :confused: )

I have another question, perhaps answered by the manual - how much too tighten the screw?
I don't want to break it by over tightening.
It's the big slotted screw at the top of each fork tube. You use a big flat blade screwdriver to adjust... Right to increase preload, left to decrease preload....
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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