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The easiest way to tell what size link you need is to place boards of various thickness ...

For raising , "under the rear wheel." This accurately simulates the effect of a raising link on the rear of the bike.

For lowering, "next to your bike for your boots to rest on." This gives the same effect as a lowering link and raising teh fork tubes in the triple clamps the same amount as the lowering value of the lowering links.

Do this on level concrete (e.g., your garage floor). It helps top judge the effect on the side and center stands as well. A 3/4" thick board (standard 1 by 6 is actually 3/4" b 5.75") simulates a 3/4" link (or for lowering link and fork tube hight change). Plywood thickness is actually as stated. A 1/2" or 3/4" plywood board under the rear tire will have the same effect as a 1/2' or 3/4" raising link. Use multiple boards stacked for other sizes.

Raising and Lowering Links - AdventureTech, LLC.
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